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Photo Friday: Napping on the the Lawn

2015 06 Wendy and Tay Napping - 1I’ve come to realize that there are some photos that you love, and you don’t really know why. This photo from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh is one of them. Every time I’m flipping through my photos and I see this one my soul smiles. I love the simple joy lying on the grass, napping in the sun. I love the way Wendy and Taylor are placed in such natural, beautiful surroundings. I love the blue of the sky meeting the green of the trees and the lawn. Of course, I loved experiencing that morning in the gardens when it happened and perhaps that is the most powerful attraction the photo has for me.

Anyway, I hope it makes your soul grin a little too.

Wendy Summit’s Arthur’s Seat

Wendy Summit's Arthur's Seat 2This is another favorite shot from Scotland. I love the way the vast landscape and the path on the plain funnel your vision to Wendy making her way up through the crevice, her blue sweater providing a colorful contrast to the earthen rocks surrounding her.

Daisies on Castle Hill

Daisies on Castle Hill EdinburghThis is one of my favorite shots from Edinburgh, Scotland. There was something that struck me about the juxtaposition of this massive, man man edifice that has stood for hundreds of years commanding the view from miles around, and these fragile, temporal wild flowers residing nearby in the simplicity of their seasonal beauty.

Happy Independence Day!

2015 07 03 Fireworks Over the Lake1315 (1)Last night Wendy and I enjoyed standing together on our dock watching the fireworks over the bay. I captured this shot and thought it a worthy celebratory photo for this holiday. We are so grateful for this land, the freedom we enjoy, and the precious blood of heroes and heroines who sacrificially provided it to us over the years.

God, bless America.

Sunlight Through the Trees

IMG_0511This was one of my favorite photos from all that I took in Scotland. We were at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. It was a sunniest day we’d experienced during our time in Scotland so we were all enamored with the sunlight and its warmth. There was this gorgeous tree with pale golden leaves, so pale that they almost looked white. I noticed that the sunlight through them made a gorgeous glow in contrast to the dark limbs. I stepped underneath the boughs and clicked the shutter at just the right moment to catch the starburst of sunlight. This photo is untouched and appears just as I shot it.

Chihuly at the Denver Botanical Gardens

Yesterday I posted one of my photos of Dale Chihuly‘s gorgeous glass artwork from an exhibition at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Here are several more that I shot last week at the exhibition (you can click on any photo to see a larger image). I can’t get over how beautiful and thought provoking I found the juxtaposition of the glasswork within the natural surroundings of the gardens. I’m only sorry we couldn’t have stayed until the evening when the glasswork is illuminated. I can only imagine how enchanting it is.

Photos taken with Canon EOS 6D

Rockets Red Glare

2014 07 04 Fireworks over the deck 035

Yesterday Wendy and I welcomed Wendy’s sister, Becky, husband, Courtney, and baby Lydia (waiting to make her official entrance in October) to the Playhouse. We see Becky and Court far too seldom and it is good to see them. They arrived in time to throw some burgers on the grill. It was a GORGEOUS Fourth of July evening and we ate on the deck, then sat and enjoyed the company and conversation. The official fireworks at Captain Ron’s isn’t scheduled until tonight, but since fireworks are legal in Missouri there were plenty of fireworks going off all around Buccaneer Bay. We enjoyed a non-stop display of fireworks late into the night.

I caught this shot of Court and Becky enjoying the view.

We plan to make a short visit to Bear Bottom today and then back to the Playhouse to enjoy this evening’s “official” fireworks. Beck and Court are on their way through to Iowa to visit family and we’re glad it worked out for them to spend a few days with us.