A Report from Madison in the Field

I received a phone call from Madison yesterday morning. She tripped on a brick street and twisted her ankle. By the time she called it was already feeling much better. Her team had prayed over her and she said that made a huge difference. Her team has been spending each day this week working with students at the University and helping them with conversational English. She has fallen in love with the Thai people. She said that they are all very sweet and welcoming. She’s also learning how good we have it here in the states. "Americans are so spoiled!" she said. She’s getting it.

I asked if she was homesick and she said that she really hadn’t been homesick, though she missed talking to people she knew. She’s made two friends – Jenna, who reminds her of Taylor – and another girl who she is rooming with. When it came time to end the call, I could tell she was a bit reticent to do so, but I could tell that she was doing just fine.

Chapter-a-Day Joshua 4

Joshua erected a monument at The Gilgal, using the twelve stones that they had taken from the Jordan. And then he told the People of Israel, "In the days to come, when your children ask their fathers, ‘What are these stones doing here?’ tell your children this: ‘Israel crossed over this Jordan on dry ground.’"  Joshua 4:20-22 (TM)

Reading about Joshua’s monument, it got me thinking about all of the things God has done in my life. Nothing quite as dramatic as God stopping up the River Jordan, but personally dramatic and miraculous just the same. Are there any stones pointing people to remember those occasions? How will my children and grandchildren remember what God has done? It made me want to be more purposeful in doing something on these occasions that will serve as reminders to our girls and their children of what God has done for us.

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Madison’s Adventure Begins

A Good Start

First things first, Madison arrived safely in Dallas yesterday and hooked up with her mission organization. She’ll have a full day of training and meeting her fellow team members today before flying to Thailand tomorrow. She called me twice, was excited and in good spirits, and asked me to pray that she got rest and that she wouldn’t be too homesick ("I’m not at all right now, but just to be safe" she said).

A God Thing

Taylor, Madison and I drove to the airport yesterday morning. When we got there I started to check Madison into the American Airlines kiosk. It then told me that we were too late for her flight. I looked at the times. I must have looked at the wrong itinerary at home because I was off by one hour. No worries, there was another flight to Dallas in an hour and I got Madison checked in on that one. As we were standing at the counter another girl Madison’s age was checking in with her Global Expeditions t-shirt. Crystal was on her way to Panama, but this meant that Madison would have someone to travel with as well as a companion in finding her way through the Dallas airport. God is so good. I think He knew I needed that – just the peace of knowing she wasn’t alone on the flight.

A Step of Faith

As we neared the security checkpoint where Madison had to say good-bye, I could tell that the reality of what she was doing set in. We all shed plenty of tears and there were lots of hugs to go round. I could sense the insecurity and fear that comes when you face the unknown and step out in faith. The chapter-a-day has been about Israel crossing Jordan and now Madison was standing at her own Jordan river, looking over into the banks what God had called her to do. Pretty big step for a fourteen-year-old. But she left her comfort zone – she got out of the boat. She’ll never be the same.

A Prayer Request or Two

If you’re wondering what to pray about, you can certainly pray for Madison, as mentioned above. Please pray also for Taylor, who is feeling more than a little alone without her sister around the house (and I suspect is feeling more than a little worried for her little sib). You can also pray that God’s peace would guard my heart and mind, as well.

Windy City Weekend

We had a great weekend in Chicago. Wendy and I took off Friday morning with Taylor and her friend Rachel. This was Taylor’s 16th Birthday present. Taylor loves Egyptian history and so we took her to see King Tut at the Field Museum. It was a great, extremely HOT, weekend. We stayed out by O’Hare and took the train in each day. It was Taylor’s weekend, so she called the shots. We went to see the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" on Friday night, which was enjoyable and thought provoking. Saturday we went to the Art Institute and did some shopping on the Magnificent Mile, then went back to Woodfield Mall for more shopping (what else to 16 year-old girls want to do?). Sunday morning was our trip to the Field Museum. I’ll upload some pictures as soon as I get our camera back from Taylor! 🙂

Madison Update

I’ve had a total of three calls from Madison since she left. The last was on Friday afternoon. She sounded excited and upbeat, which is good considering she’d spent more than an entire day travelling. She was in the Bankok airport waiting for their connecting flight to Chiang Mai. She said she really likes her leaders and had been making friends (which is never a problem for Madison). Keep praying!

Chapter-a-Day Joshua 7

In the plunder I spotted a beautiful Shinar robe, two hundred shekels of silver, and a fifty-shekel bar of gold, and I coveted and took them. Joshua 7:20-21 (TM)

It’s interesting that throughout scripture we’re warned and given examples of "the lust of the eyes". Adam and Eve saw the forbidden fruit and wanted it. In today’s verse, Achan sees the forbidden plunder and takes it. David sees Bathsheba bathing and takes her. There is clearly a simple connection between what we look at, what we desire and what we do to get it. It makes me think about what I do with my eyes. Job made a covenant with his eyes not to use them to look with lust (Job 31:1). What will I look at today?

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