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Authentic Connections

I’ve known three people in my life who have this certain "gift." I don’t know what to call it. I guess you could call it Charisma, but it seems a profane use of the word. These three people have the ability to flip a switch and make anyone, anywhere, anytime believe, in an instant, that they are that person’s best friend. It’s almost a spell that’s cast on people. I’ve seen it happen and am truly amazed. In each of these three cases, I watched the individual use this gift in a smarmy way of self-fulfillment and/or self-advancement. Sadly, you could tell it fed some emptiness inside them.

I contrast that to watching my friend yesterday in the coffee shop. He has a gentle, humble way of making connections with people. It’s a smile, a handshake, calling the person by name. He consciously reaches out to make a connection with almost every person he comes in contact with. I think the difference between him and the three I mention above is in the motivation. I could tell that my friend yesterday was loving on people – filling them up out of the fullness that’s in him. He’s not suckering people to feed his own insecurities. It was fun to watch these people light up when they talked to him. People tend to respond favorably to love. It kind of reminded me of what the woman at the well must have looked like when Jesus asked for a drink.

My friend inspired me to be a better lover of people today.

Production Begins!

We started rehearsals for "The Dominie’s Wife" last night. It felt really good to be back on stage, to be marking the script and trying on costumes. It always strikes me how the theatre feels like home, and being on stage gives me energy. We have to be off-book in less than two weeks (Yikes!). Looks like I’ve got some memorizin’ to do.

Friday night after rehearsal the cast is coming over for margaritas and we’re doing a read-thru of the script I’m submitting to the Tulip-Time Playwriting Contest. I had Wendy read-through it with me on Sunday and I know there are some changes I need to make before Friday. It’s kind of exciting to have a rough draft finished. OMG! I’m a playwrite!

Of course, that stupid, shameless Censor inside keeps picking away at me telling me that it’s all crap – that everyone will think it’s stupid – that it will pale in comparison to the other contest submissions by real playwrites – etc. etc. etc. Arrrrggghhh. Get thee behind me, Censor! I think I’ve done an admirable job for my first play, thank you. And no matter what others may think of it, I’ve learned a lot just in the process of writing it. I’ve grown as a writer and an artist. I got out of the boat and took a few steps on the surft. At least I wrote it. How many people think about writing something and never have the guts to do it? Huh? Huh? It’s on paper. So, go *#&@ yourself.

Whew. That feels a little better.