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Chapter-a-Day Hosea 11

Still, I stuck with him. I led Ephraim. I rescued him from human bondage, But he never acknowledged my help, never admitted that I was the one pulling his wagon, That I lifted him, like a baby, to my cheek, that I bent down to feed him. Hosea 11:3-4 (TM)

Hosea uses a metaphor of God being a parent with a rebellious, ungrateful child. Raising teenagers makes this metaphor hit the target. You realize with teens that they are firmly planted in the center of their own universe, you are taken for granted and there is no realization or acknowledgment of how much you have done and continue to do for the. An apt metaphor for Israel, and a decent reminder to me that I shouldn’t treat my heavenly Father like a teenager.

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Chapter-a-Day Hosea 10

Sow righteousness, reap love. It’s time to till the ready earth, it’s time to dig in with GOD. Hosea 10:12 (TM)

I love that God’s Message is a consistent one – that He uses the same metaphors. I look at verse 12 and I hear Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed. I’ve been planting grass seed in some bare patches this week and so I’m thinking about the seed and the soil. It’s time to dig in with God – to get those roots down deep!

Chapter-a-Day Hosea 9

Be warned! When you escape from the frying pan of disaster, you’ll fall into the fire of Egypt. Hosea 9:6 (TM)

A colleague of mine recently told me that her teenaged daughter claimed she "hated God." When she dug into it a little she found that the girl was frustrated, because every time she went off track something bad would happen. Her mother laughed, saying "It’s going to keep happening. God’s just trying to get your attention." I don’t think God is sitting there with his spiritual tazer waiting to zap us every time we wander off, but I do think he’s provided consequences of our sin to remind us that He has a better way for us.

Chapter-a-Day Hosea 8

Predictably, Israel cries out, "My God! We know you!’ – But they don’t act like it. Hosea 8:2 (TM)

Jesus told us "you’ll know them by their fruit." We can’t judge people, God is very clear about that. The judgment seat is too big for any save Him. But, we are told to be fruit inspectors. Nevertheless, verses like this one in Hosea always make me turn inward. Instead of wondering about the fruit of others I ask myself, "Do others see love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control in me?"

Chapter-a-Day Hosea 7

They turn, but not to me– turn here, then there, like a weather vane. Hosea 7:16 (TM)

It’s funny to watch fads come and go. Remember Shirley McLaine and the whole reincarnation stuff? How about TM? Now it’s the Jewish mystical sect of Kabbala getting all the Hollywood stars and the press. I’m know all of these things "fads" are still around, but the world seems to latch on to a "new" spiritual fad ever few years to keep itself spinning like a weather vane, never finding true North – never stopping in the direction of the One who said, "I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life – no one comes to the Father but through Me."

Chapter-a-Day Hosea 6

I’m after love that lasts, not more religion. I want you to know GOD, not go to more prayer meetings. Hosea 6:6

I’m so glad that God want a relationship with me. It’s not about how good I am. It’s not about the gold stars on my Sunday School attendance chart. It’s not about how well I clean up and look the part. It’s about a relationship with God. It’s knowing Him more and opening more of myself to Him. It’s about quality time building intimacy with Him. And the cool thing is, the more I’m with Him, the more I get to know Him, the more I desire to be with Him and be like Him.

Chapter-a-Day Hosea 5

Then I’ll go back to where I came from until they come to their senses. When they finally hit rock bottom, maybe they’ll come looking for me. Hosea 5:15 (TM)

I had a teacher once who said, "Be very concerned if and when you realize that God is silent in your life." I think people often see God as the punishing parent who smothers us with judgment, always spiritually sending them to their room or withholding their allowance if they sin. I think God is more like the way He describes Himself through Hosea. He draws off and lets us wallow in our own stupidity and stupidity’s natural consequences until we come to our senses and seek Him out.