Chapter-a-Day Nehemiah 10

The good stuff. We will bring the best of our grain, of our contributions, of the fruit of every tree, of wine, and of oil to the priests in the storerooms of The Temple of our God. Nehemiah 10:37 (MSG)

In the basement of our house is an old canning closet. My wife and I have turned it into our wine cellar. Walk into our little cellar and you'll find boxes of "Three Buck Chuck" which is our day-to-day house wine. As the nickname suggests, it's inexpensive and remarkably good for the price.  Walk into our home on any given day and you'll likely find a bottle of it sitting on our dining room side board. There is also, in the wine cellar, a number of other wines. There's nothing extravagant in there, but there are many wines that are much nicer and more expensive than our daily house wine.

Wendy and I love to have people over for dinner. When guests are coming for a meal, I will go down to the wine cellar to pull out a bottle of "the good stuff." It will usually be picked with care, considering what we're having. No cheap house wine for our guests!

Isn't it interesting that God calls us to give the "good stuff?" God asks that we honor him with the best we have. He desires the "first fruits." It makes perfect sense. It's no different than expecting that you'll break out the good wine when special guests come to visit.

Why is it, then, that I so often give the King of Kings my leftovers?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and xrr

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Nehemiah 10”

  1. Many of us give God our “leftovers” … I don’t think we always mean to do that. I think we often do things for ourselves first and suddenly, unintentional as it may be, the Lord becomes an afterthought.

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