Chapter-a-Day Nahum 2

Tay The juggernaut's coming! Post guards, lay in supplies. Get yourselves together, get ready for the big battle. Nahum 2:1 (MSG)

Last week I helped my daughter paint the walls of what will be her, and her new husband's, apartment. We are down to four months before the big day, and I'm observing her prepare for her new life. She's in the homestretch. I have spent nineteen years trying to prepare her for this step, and each day I find myself going through a mental checklist of things I want to make sure she knows. I want her to be ready.

I've noticed a consistent theme through God's entire message as I've journeyed through it. It's the same message in the beginning of today's chapter."Get ready! Be ready! Prepare yourself! Don't be surprised!"

As a father trying to repeatedly drill wisdom into both my daughters' heads and hearts, I have a new appreciation for God's repetitive message. I want my daughter to be aware and self-aware. I want her to be wise and discerning. I don't want her walking into her marriage and the rest of her life blindly and foolishly. I hear God whispering the same theme to me as I walk into this day:

"Wake up, kid! Get ready. I'm at work in you and all those around you. There's more to what's going on and what's coming ahead than you can possibly imagine! Open your eyes. Open your ears! Prepare your heart!"

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Nahum 2”

  1. Israel’s lived through hard times.
    I can’t help but wonder what times are ahead for the United States. I know that our anscestors survived the depression, but this current crop of citizens hasn’t weathered anything. We have an attitude that we deserve everything and even failures get “bailed out”. My gut leads me to believe it will get worse before it gets better. Am I prepared for that? Is my family prepared?

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