Chapter-a-Day Job 39

Horseback riding @ big cedar 060209 LR Are you the one who gave the horse his prowess and adorned him with a shimmering mane? Job 39:19 (MSG)

As God goes through his litany of wonders from the animal kingdom, I landed on his description of the horse. Last week, my wife and I went horseback riding. I've only been on a horse a handful of times in my life, and it had been years since I rode one.

Even yesterday, as I was driving, my mind went back to the hour I spent on Cisco. What a powerful animal. It's a bit intimidating to put your foot in that stirrup and climb into the saddle. You hold the reins and you're technically in control, but there is an odd sense that this majestic animal on which you sit could throw you off and squash you like a bug in a heartbeat.

We've become so used to machines in the past century. People used to use birds to send messages. Now we have phones. People used to interact daily with cows and chickens and goats to eat their daily meals. Now we drive to a grocery store, take food from the refrigerator, and buy it with a plastic card. Farmers used to depend on oxen and horses, now they use tractors and combines.

Modern marvels are wonderful. I'm glad to have them. Nevertheless, I wonder if we've lost something, spiritually, when we traded God's creation for man's invention.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Job 39”

  1. Tom, no verses struck me particularly today. Thanks for your commentary. It helps bring scripture to life for me.

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