Chapter-a-Day Job 25

Checking the map. "God is sovereign, God is fearsome— everything in the cosmos fits and works in his plan." Job 25:2 (MSG)

Do you remember what your hearts desire was as a young teenager? I look back now at some of the things that I desperately wanted: girls I wanted to date, schools I wanted to go to, places I wanted to live, and things I wanted to do with my life. I'm sooooo glad that God did not listen to me and grant my every adolescent whim. I'd be miserable if God had followed my situationally rooted, hormonally charged, teen-aged road map for life.

A friend asked me, over coffee last week, to look back with 20/20 hindsight at my life's road, and some of the strange paths on which I've found myself. Even stretches that seemed incomprehensible at the time now show their purpose in God's grand road map. Others are still coming into focus. There are a few I still don't get at all. Yet, I can see that a plan does, indeed, consistently emerge though I don't see the whole map at once. I may only be able to see the stretch of the road I'm walking, but the context will, in the long run, be revealed.

Faith fuels endurance for life's marathon.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and cottonjeni

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Job 25”

  1. How can a mere mortal presume to stand up to God?
    This is a great reminder of out place in the planet. It changes my perspective on everything. The list of things for work that need to be done today, the busy schedule with extra-curriculars, none of it matters in the scope of God. God help me to remember this today.

  2. I had a similar type of discussion recently. As corny or as un-comforting as some may think it sounds … I do believe that God truly has a plan for everything in our lives … that when we stray off the path, He will still work it together for our good (even though we may have just given ourselves the longer, bumpier path to get there!)

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