Chapter-a-Day Job 24

Warning. "But if Judgment Day isn't hidden from the Almighty, why are we kept in the dark?" Job 24:1 (MSG)

Part of the service my company provides is the monitoring and analyzing of phone calls. You know, the "your call may be monitored to ensure quality service" you hear when you call companies. Whenever we begin a project, our group goes in to explain to the front line Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) that we will be analyzing their calls. One question that is often asked is, "Will you tell the CSRs that you're listening to their calls?"

Interestingly enough, we've discovered through the years that people tend NOT to behave any differently on the phone, even when they know someone else is listening and they are being monitored and analyzed. They may think about it for a call or two, but once the calls start flooding in and they start taking call after call after call, they don't think about it.

Human nature is a funny thing. Job questions why God doesn't let us in on when Judgment Day will be. Based on my experience, I'm not sure it would really make much of a difference if we knew or not. On the whole, I'm not sure people think too much about their behavior.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and James Sherman

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Job 24”

  1. As surely as snow melts under the hot, summer sun,
    sinners disappear in the grave.
    From dust you are and to dust you will return. My financial planner on our first visit said, “What is one guarantee in life?” The answer of course is that you will die. It is guaranteed. Even if Christ returns before that it is 100% for sure that we will not live in this body forever. So then, as with yesterday’s thoughts, let us focus on things eternal while here on earth and less on things material.

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