Chapter-a-Day Job 23

The road leads many places. But he is singular and sovereign. Who can argue with him? He does what he wants, when he wants to. He'll complete in detail what he's decided about me, and whatever else he determines to do.Job 23:13-14 (MSG)

It's interesting to sit back and watch my daughters as they prepare to leave the nest. There are so many options open to them. I've watched them each rifle through different dreams and aspirations. Art school, free lance photography, art therapy, worship leader, mission field, state school, private school, internship…so many doors are open to them. It will be fascinating to see where their paths take them.

I look back at all of the options that were open to me. I think back at dreams and aspirations (some of them are hard to remember). Then I look at where I am in the journey. I am nowhere near where I had planned, dreamed or aspired to be. Nevertheless, I am right where God purposed.

And, He will complete, in detail, what He's decided about me. I take comfort in that. I'll just stick to the path ahead. No telling where it might lead.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and shirokazan

3 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Job 23”

  1. It’s kind of exciting isn’t it Tom. I too am far from where I had planned to be and like Rainey said, most of it is for the better. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for the next 10 years. What a ride!

  2. He’ll complete in detail what he’s decided about me,
    and whatever else he determines to do.
    I love this verse. I may want to get in God’s way. I may not listen to Him all the time. Yet, as Job says, God is going to complete in me what He has planned for me. That is powerful. Do I want to be part of that and enjoy it along the way? Then I need to be in communion with Him.

  3. I appreciate the times in life where enough time has passed that I see that where God has brought me is FAR BETTER than what I planned for me!
    Yet His guidance is gentle and He still allows free-will. We are still who He created us with the passions He gave us; and yet He still brings about the plan He has for us.
    Praise God for His wisdom and compassion!

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