Chapter-a-Day Job 21

God works in mysterious ways. "But who are we to tell God how to run his affairs? He's dealing with matters that are way over our heads." Job 21:22 (MSG)

A few years back, there was a clever television show I enjoyed called Joan of Arcadia. The premise of the show was that an everday teenager named, Joan, began receiving personal visits from God. God would often give Joan assignments, and in one particular episode God requests that Joan ask the biggest weirdo in school to go to the school dance with her.

Joan fought it, as any right-minded teenage girl would, but she ended up obeying. Nevertheless, nothing seemed to go right. Her decision created a maelstrom of conflict within her family, her peer group, and the school. The night of the dance was a fiasco and her "date" ends up getting arrested. Joan was angry and perplexed. Why would God tell her to do this, only to be embarrassed when her date ended up in jail?

In the final scene of the episode, God reveals to the raging Joan that her date was almost ready to go off on their high school, Columbine style. Despite the fact that her evening at the dance was a fiasco and her personal life took a momentary hit, in the larger picture her actions saved the lives of many of her friends.

I was reminded of that episode as I read Job's words today. It's a good reminder that God is, indeed, dealing with matters that are much greater and infinitely more complex than my simple mind can fathom.

I must have faith.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and spin cycle nyc

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Job 21”

  1. Any Christian who hasn’t felt the way Job does in the first half of this chapter is lying. We always have a chip on our shoulder that WE have to follow a higher law. What some Christians fail to remember is that God didn’t put us here to be miserable, but to love and have fun and enjoy his creation. I love this verse: 22-26 “But who are we to tell God how to run his affairs?
    He’s dealing with matters that are way over our heads.” We don’t have to worry about judgment of the Christian or unbeliever. We only need to be concerned with our relationship with God.

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