Chapter-a-Day Job 15

Talking heads. Those who live by their own rules, not God's, can expect nothing but trouble, and the longer they live, the worse it gets. Job 15:20 (MSG)

In 1993, floods of historic proportions rose in Iowa. Towns were swept away and the city of Des Moines was without water for ten days. I was living in Des Moines at the time and my employer gave me leave to help work in disaster recovery with the Red Cross. One of the most interesting parts of my job was watching the press corp scurry about like an army of ants gathering video, conducting interviews and reducing the enormity of what was happening into a very small sound byte. I was surprised how often the press got things wrong. Situations were overstated. Mountains were made out of mole hills while an entire of range of issues were completely ignored. 

I thought about that experience as I read Job and his friends entrenching themselves in their arguments. While each chapter contains a few true nuggets, on the whole they are all a bit short-sighted. In today's chapter, Eliphaz wants us to believe that those who refuse to believe have lives full of trouble and chaos. Yet, I don't have to look very far to know that's not true. I know many people who live by their own rules and are relatively happy. Eliphaz seems more interested in proving Job wrong than in speaking truth.

Come to think of it, that describes a lot of the talking heads I see arguing with each other on the news.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Job 15”

  1. Those who live by their own rules, not God’s, can expect
    nothing but trouble,
    and the longer they live, the worse it gets.
    I find this interesting on so many different levels. My church is in crisis, my work is in chaos, thankfully my family and friends are solid right now. In spite of the ups and downs of life, the one constant can be God. It seems these rough times develop as a result of depending on ourselves too much. I wonder if we will recognize that and make changes?

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