My Masterpiece

A few years ago I set about to write my Crash Davis Belief Statement. It was a little experiment going around the blogosphere back then. It's a great exercise in which people share, in creative terms, what they believe. In my belief statement, I wrote that I believe "my children are my life's masterpiece."

I do believe that.

And, I was reminded of it this morning when my girls took me to Smokey Row for a little Daddy-Daughter Birthday breakfast. What a great time to be with my girls. How amazing to have watched these amazing human beings grow from helpless infants to gifted women. How beatiful. How strong. How complex. How mysterious. How inspiring.

How loveable.
How valuable.
How very, very capable.

And, what's really, really cool is that the work isn't finished! The masterpiece is yet emerging. The colors mixing. The texture shifting. I'm in continuous awe as I see it steadily unfold before my very eyes.

You go, God. Thanks for letting me be a participant and spectator in these two miracles.




2 thoughts on “My Masterpiece”

  1. I’m proud to know all three of you. Those two little girls who hoisted the H-bomb into his crib have grown into beautiful women with fantastic father 🙂


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