Chapter-a-Day Job 13

Tom's Friend Grid You graffiti my life with lies. Job 13:4a (MSG)

I was struck by Job's line about his three supposed friends, "You graffiti my life with lies."

Over the past year or so, the number of friends I've connected with on Facebook seems to have grown exponentially. It's been a hoot to reconnect with hundreds of friends and acquaintances from childhood, elementary school, high school and college. Many of whom I have not spoken with for 20-30 years.

A teacher once told me that "some friends are friends for a season, while some are friends for life." That always stuck with me. People flow into and out of my life. Some for the better and, unfortunately, some who I'd rather forget. As I look at all the good friends and compare them to the few painful ones, I notice an interesting contrast.

Good friends are genuine and honest. True to themselves and true to me, even if our lives only briefly touch. There is, however, something ingenuine about painful friends, rooted in unthruthfulness.

I'm glad I have so many true friends.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Job 13”

  1. I’ve had it with you—I’m going directly to God.
    This statement describes my feelings at work right now. I am up to my neck in frustration with my current situation. It has come to the point where I just cry out and give my frustration to God. I should have been doing that all along. I don’t need to be told that I’m making excuses or need to try harder like my boss and co-workers claim, I just need someone to listen. God does that very well.


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