The Big 43

Toms bday dinner 042509 LR 

I turn 43 on Thursday. It's not exactly a special birthday. You can't divide the number by ten, or even five. I'm just marking my 43rd year of existence. So, I had very low expectations for the celebration. A few cards in the mail. Maybe a cheesecake from Wendy or a lemon cake from mom. A hug and traditional donut run with the girls.

But, I totally underestimated my lovely bride's resourcefulness and creativity! Wendy had told me a few weeks ago to plan on celebrating my birthday on Saturday the 25th and not to plan anything that day. Cool. I can do that. I wondered what she had up her sleeve. As the day approached and she told me to be ready to leave the house at 7:30 a.m., I knew something was up. Wendy doesn't leave the house at 7:30 a.m.unless she is forced, at gunpoint, to get up that early.

I had been on the road all week last week. I came home with the usual road-warrior weariness and the sense of being behind in everything. When Wendy suggested we have a date at the local Sport's bar for dinner and the Cub's game on Friday evening, I was all up for that. We settled in front of the big screen in the bar area and ordered our dinner. Then our friend, Ann, showed up to join us and celebrate my birthday. Ann was followed by Mat. Then came Pat and Peg. Then there was Holly. We had a great evening, despite the Cubs losing!

The birthday celebration had started before it was even supposed to start!

Saturday morning came early and we were on the road after hitting Jaarsma's bakery for a treat. The first stop was our friends, Kevin & Becky's, house where Kev waited in the drive way. Wendy told me she'd see me later with a big grin on her face. I jumped in the car with Kev.

First stop, the man spa! Almost three hours of pampering while watching the NFL draft. Massage, hand detailing, and foot detailing. I was feelin' fine.

Kev took me back to meet up with Wendy, who then drove over to my folks. Surprise! There was a bunch of my family and Wendy's family gathered for lunch. Lot of laughter and food. Gotta love it.

In the car once more, we were off to the mall to grab a few items. Wendy ushered me to the door of the mall where Kev, once more, was waiting to wisk me off. The Cubs game was about to start and it was time for a few hours with the guys. Off to Cub's bar where a bunch of my old Westview Church friends waited to share a beer and watch the game. Guy time. It was a great afternoon, despite the fact that the Cubs lost (again).

After the game, Kevin took me back to his house where Wendy waited. Time to change clothes. Put on something nice. We're headed out for the evening. We headed to Urban Grill with Kevin and Becky where Wendy told the host we had reservations for seven. Seven? Yep more friends. My high school buddy, Doug, and another couple who are good friends from Westview, Curtis and Tyra, joined us for dinner. Not only did we have a great meal, but we sat and talked and laughed until we were the last people in the place (see picture above).

It was a great birthday. Not bad for a birthday you can't divide by five or ten.

I have an awesome wife. 

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