Night in Old San Antonio

I'm in San Antonio this week with my teammates Nick and Bene'. Our client asked (well, insisted really) that we go with her to the annual NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio) festival. For all of my family and friends in Iowa, picture all of the people, food vendors, drink vendors and stages at the Iowa State Fair packed into an area about the size of the Midway. That should give you an idea of the insanity.

It was so loud you couldn't carry on a conversation. It was so crowded that you could hardly move. When the crowd did move you could hardly stick together. Twice our group got separated and had to use cell phones to try and find each other. Part of the fesitivites involves people taking hollowed out egg shells filled with confetti and smashing them on your head so that the confetti and shell fragments fall down your shirt, in your drink, etc. And, of course, you can't actually enjoy your drink because people are bumping into you and spilling it down your shirt (see bottom photo).

We definitely have a few stories to tell that will become of the stuff of company lore years from now.


SNC00007 SNC00008

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