Chapter-a-Day Job 5

Vikings lose. "So, what a blessing when God steps in and corrects you! Mind you, don't despise the discipline of Almighty God! Job 5:17 (MSG)

I'm a huge fan of the Minnesota Vikings (thank you for your pity). I grew up in the 70's in the era of Fran Tarkenton and the "Purple People Eaters" when the Vikings regularly cut through the regular season like soft butter. Four times they played their way to the Super Bowl. All four times they lost.

As a young boy cheering for his favorite team, I spent Super Bowl Sunday in angst and tears. Why would God allow the Vikings to lose? Surely, it was something I had done to make God mad at me. This was God's way of punishing me for something!

It sounds silly, but I see the same belief system carry through to adulthood in all sorts of people in all sorts of ways. Job's buddy, Eliphaz, has the same god-view as little Tommy the Vikings fan. The tragedy in Job's life must certainly be linked to God's punishment. Job must have done something to bring this on himself.
Often, as in Job's case (and in the case of my tragic Super Bowl losses), there's no correlation.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickrand djwhelan

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Job 5”

  1. 17-19 “So, what a blessing when God steps in and corrects you!
    I love accountability. The last 3 years accountability has changed my life. I have spiritual accountability, exercise accountability, accountability that helped me lose 30+ pounds. It has made my life easier. The ultimate accountability is from God and I read it nearly every day. God has an amazing way to speak directly to the heart of His people. He knows what we are struggling with and is there to walk beside us.

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