Chapter-a-Day Psalm 98

Sing to God a brand-new song. He's made a world of wonders! Psalm 98:1 (MSG)

Our daughter, Taylor, is in Spain on her way back home from Morocco. After almost three months "in country" she was finally able to get on the internet and post some of her pictures on her Facebook page. Both of our daughters have developed a wonderfully artistic eye behind the camera and I sat enthralled as I went through the pictures. I was in wonder at the scenery, the people, and the way Taylor captured it through the lens of her camera.

I don't ever want to lose my sense of wonder. In a world that is moving ahead and break neck speed, I'm afraid that I get a bit overloaded and jaded at times. We get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of sights, sounds and information at our fingertips. In the midst of it all, I never want to lose the discipline of stopping to take in the beauty around me and gaze in wide wonder. When I see a beautiful painting, an interesting photograph or a particularly breathtaking sunset, I'm transported into worship of the God of Creation. My soul is refreshed. I'm suddenly grounded in the moment.

N500200640_5804275_934  N500200640_5804254_3783

N500200640_5804260_5776   N500200640_5804270_9166

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