Chapter-a-Day Psalm 97

Light at the end of the tunnel. All who serve handcrafted gods will be sorry— And they were so proud of their ragamuffin gods! Psalm 97:7-8 (MSG)

A friend mentioned the other day that he'd not been around death. I've met many people who have not had the experience of walking with someone at the end of their life journey. I've found it a profound experience. You really learn about a person's heart, their life and the condition of their spirit as they approach death.

I've watched people, who spent their lives serving "handcrafted gods." suddenly feeling the emptiness of their hearts as their days wane and the finality of their journey on this earth sinks in. They may not have worshipped idols in sense of the the songwriter of chapter 97 knew. but we have a modern version of the same practice. We don't have little idols of animals to which we give names, but, sure enough, we fashion gods for ourselves in the same manner. We mold god, in our minds, into the god we want or expect.

I realize that no one knows, for sure, how they will respond when they see the finish line. I know I don't want to be among those I've witnessed who greatly fear it and desperately fight it, their hearts void of faith. I don't want to get to the end and realize that I've spent my life in some vain pursuit of everything I'm about to leave behind. I want to approach the end of life's race and feel that surge of excitement and anticipation runners get. I want my spirit to feel a rush of adrenaline and break into a dead sprint, knowing that God is waiting just past the finish line with arms open and cheering me on to the finish.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickrand jasmine0916

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