Chapter-a-Day Esther 1

Battle of the sexes. "When the women hear it, they'll start treating their husbands with contempt. The day the wives of the Persian and Mede officials get wind of the queen's insolence, they'll be out of control. Is that what we want, a country of angry women who don't know their place?" Esther 1:18 (MSG)

I had a World History teacher who taught specificaly about the status of women in each of our units. From ancient Egypt, through the Greco-Roman era, and through the middle ages, we learned what women experienced in their daily lives within the culture. It was a sobering lesson for me to learn. Women have been treated with such contempt by men throughout history. I've watched as men in my own culture have twisted the scriptures to justify their misogynistic actions and attitudes.

The battle of the sexes is rooted in the Garden of Eden, where God made it clear that the tension between men and women would be a consequence of Adam and Eve's disobedience. Jesus not only frees us from our sin, he came to offer freedom from our sin tainted thoughts and beliefs. No longer do we need to live in a paradigm of power and lordship, but in the spirit of mutual submission and active love modeled by Jesus himself.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and ariesandrea

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Esther 1”

  1. Whether gender or race, I think it is important that our society remember oppression that has been; what God says about oppression; and the consequences of oppressing others so that it is not repeated.
    However, that being said, I also think that people now-a-days (’cause I’m old, you know 😉 take “remembering” too far. Many don’t want to get equal, they want to get even. It saddens me when people use what happened to their ancestors (whatever their place in society) as an excuse for bad behavior.
    It also is sad to notice people trying to oppress other people (regardless of gender, race, religion) in attempts to “look better” or get more in our world today.
    Praise God that He’s in control and no oppression of one human to another will last!

  2. 12-15 But Queen Vashti refused to come, refused the summons delivered by the eunuchs. The king lost his temper.
    We don’t know why Queen Vashti didn’t want to go to the king. Was she tired of being paraded in front of his friends while he was hammered? We don’t know. Was she in some way seeking equal rights to be able to do what SHE wanted? We don’t know. What we do know is that women were not treated the same as men in that time and that men feared that all women would rebel if they tasted a bit of “freedom”. Any time in history when there is oppression, those oppressing fear retaliation. Again, not much has changed.

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