Chapter-a-Day Haggai 1

Check the map. And then a little later, God-of-the-Angel-Armies spoke out again: "Take a good, hard look at your life. Think it over. You have spent a lot of money, but you haven't much to show for it. You keep filling your plates, but you never get filled up. You keep drinking and drinking and drinking, but you're always thirsty. You put on layer after layer of clothes, but you can't get warm. And the people who work for you, what are they getting out of it? Not much— a leaky, rusted-out bucket, that's what. Haggai 1:5-6 (MSG)

Stop. Step back. Take a good look.

Not bad advice for those of us whose lives seem to be flying by at break neck speed. Sometimes the road of life feels more like an interstate with no speed limit. I hit cruise control and go. Where am I going? What am I doing? If I took a good look, what would I see?

The description that God gave Haggai of the people of Judah seems to be an apt description of me; it's an accurate reflection of our culture. Eating and never being filled. Spending and having nothing to show for it. Filling homes with stuff with hearts empty.

Pulling off the interstate and taking a good look at the map is a worthwhile thing to do on occasion. Where am I going? How do I want to get there? What change(s) do I need to make in my route?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickrand evillynn.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Haggai 1”

  1. Do it just for me. Honor me.
    There are times where my heart hardens and I don’t want to contribute to the church either in time or money. I never hesitate however to spend another dollar on useless things that don’t make me happy. I like this verse because it encourages me to keep my financial commitments to my church in spite of my hard heart. It’s that simple: Do it for me to honor me. OK God, I trust you.

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