Chapter-a-Day Jonah 1

Trampoline. But Jonah got up and went the other directionJonah 1:2a (MSG)

There was a house down the street, and over a block, from my childhood home. There was a trampoline in the back yard. Trampolines were fairly rare in those days, so there was a tremendous buzz among the children of the neighborhood about it. I'd never been on a trampoline before. So, when the family with the trampoline went on the vacation, and a bunch of kids in the neighborhood were going over to try it out, I definitely wanted in.

There was only problem: Mom.

I don't know exactly what I said when grilled about this trip down the street to a strange family's house, but I'm sure my story had more holes in it than swiss cheese. The answer was "no." In fact, it was an emphatic "no." I had been given my marching orders: "Stay on the block. Don't you dare go over there."

For whatever reason, I got up and "went the other direction." I got on my Schwinn Sting-ray five speed with the banana seat and began riding my bike towards the house with the trampoline. The kids of the neighborhood were already gathered around jumping on it. It was too much to pass up. I jumped off my bike and got in line for my turn. I jumped on the trampoline with my friends. A while later, I figured it was time to get home. I was just heading for home when my mom drove up in her '73 Volkswagen Super Beetle. You can probably guess what happened next.

To this day, I don't know what my line of reasoning was for deliberately disobeying my mother's command. Sometimes, like Adam, I find myself drawn to forbidden fruit. Other times, like Jonah, I find myself rebelling against God's clear direction. It's all part of the same sin nature within me. As I begin reading Jonah, I can identify with the guy. I know that sense of rebellion. I've ended up in a few storms at sea myself. Storm brought on by my own actions.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Jonah 1”

  1. This is such a familiar Bible story. Yet today, it struck me differently. It made me think about the times that I have run from God. It’s easy to read about Jonah and think, “What a fool, why did you do that?” Granted, I’ve never boarded a ship to run from God, but how many times have I just not listened to His requests? I want to adhere to God’s plan for my life.

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