Thanksgiving Weekend Begins!

A weekend of Thanksgiving celebrations kicked off on Wednesday night with Taylor's arrival home from Colorado Springs where she's been preparing for her upcoming three month mission trip since September. Taylor's boyfriend, Clayton, arrived to with a comical homecoming surprise. He had his hair cut in a mullet! (Yes, it was a joke).

Clayton joined the four of us on Thanksgiving morning for our annual excursion to Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Dean's in Des Moines. The entire family was gathered together for the first time since Grandpa and Grandma's 50th Anniversary celebration in September 2007. The day was spent devouring Grandma's cinnamon rolls, eating, playing games, eating, watching football, eating, and more eating. We even celebrated Madison, Bonnie and Ellie's birthdays.

Wendy and I returned home late in the afternoon with Madison. Taylor and Clayton left earlier in the afternoon to visit Clayton's family. The girls and Clayton headed to celebrate with their mom's family in Osky, while Wendy and I settled in for a quiet evening together. We watched a movie, played Wii bowling, spent some time looking through old family photos and fought to keep our eyes open.

Claytons Mullet 2008 11  Cuzzes 2008 11  Tay and Wendy 2008 11  Thanksgiving feast 2008 11  Thanksgiving bday celebrations 2008 11  Thanksgiving lovers 2008 11  Thanksgiving afternoon 2008 11

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