Chapter-a-Day Psalm 83

Not_listeningGod, don’t shut me out; don’t give me the silent treatment, O God. Psalm 83:1 (MSG)

My daughter is trying to figure out her future. She put off her freshman year in college to spend the year on a missions trip abroad. So, she knows what’s she’s doing for the next few months, but then things get really fuzzy. She’s not sure what she’s going to do when she gets back. There are so many options available to her. She prays for clarity, but God seems silent.

I was hanging out the other morning with some friends. One of them asked another what his plan was regarding a significant life choice ahead. "I don’t know," the other answered, "I pray about it all the time. I keep asking God for the road map, but He won’t give it to me."

My wife and I have been praying consistently and continuously for years that God would answer one specific request. The answer has not come and I must admit that I am often left feeling shut out by the silence I feel from God’s end of the conversation. I hate it when God is silent. Though, it seems a common experience. Even the most faithful of followers feel their prayers bounce off the ceiling at times.

I always remind myself of some of the impassioned requests I made of my parents when I was young. Sometimes I felt that my plea fell on deaf ears, but now I look back and understand why. In some cases I was being a self-centered child and needed to grow up. In other cases, granting my request would not have, ultimately, been good for me. Despite my abject frustration at the time, I realize my parents had my best interest in mind. I have to trust that my Heavenly Father does, as well.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and benandjenn

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 83”

  1. Knock the breath right out of them, so they’re gasping
    for breath, gasping, “God.”
    Bring them to the end of their rope,
    and leave them there dangling, helpless.
    Then they’ll learn your name: “God,”
    the one and only High God on earth.
    It’s in times of panic and desperation that we call on God. The cry of the Psalmist is that God take his enemies and take them to that condition. It amazes me that when things correct we quickly go back to “handling matters” ourselves. We do this individually and corporately. When we will learn our lesson? Does the human condition lead us to act this way forever? God grant me the patience and realization that YOU take care of everything.


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