Chapter-a-Day Revelation 18

Ruins Following this I saw another Angel descend from Heaven. His authority was immense, his glory flooded earth with brightness, his voice thunderous: Ruined, ruined, Great Babylon, ruined! Revelation 18:1 (TM)

For years I hung out on-line with a bunch of my high school buddies every football season. Each week we would pick our winners and losers in the NFL, then spend the following week trading barbs, jabs and insults at each other. It was a guy thing. Within this group there were fans of various teams around the league. There were Viking fans, Packer fans, and Cowboy fans to name a few. If your team did well one year, you relished the chance to gloat. When your team didn’t do well, you endured the verbal assault of others while trying to maintain a shred of pride.

The thing I noticed is that there was no team that did well every year. Teams rose and teams fell. Your team might ride a two or three year winning streak, but, at some point, you knew that a bad year was bound to come. It’s sort of what the Bible says about kingdoms of men. They rise and they fall. Egypt rose and fell, and never recaptured her former glory. Greece rose and fell, and never recaptured her dominance. Rome rose and fell, and never ruled the western world again.

I’m reminded me of the song October by U2:

October, the trees are stripped bare of all they wear. What do I care?
October, kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but you go on and on.
You go on

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Revelation 18”

  1. This chapter seems appropriate with the happenings of the past weeks. To your point Tom, I wonder if the U.S. will make that list one day. I pray not. It may be a very poor attitude to have, but I am kind of glad that the markets are poor, that people are thinking twice before spending money they don’t have. This correction was needed in the economy. Bad debt will never win out.
    I also sometimes get frustrated with the sin all around me. While I know that I am ultimately responsible only for myself (and sometimes do a poor job there), I am actually encouraged when I am reminded that Judgment belongs to God.

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