Chapter-a-Day Revelation 17

But don’t drop your guard. Use your head. Revelation 17:9: (TM)

Back in my youth, I was a competitive swimmer. So, it was only natural that I would take life-saving classes to become a lifeguard. I still remember much of what I learned in those classes, though I have never had to use the skills and hope I never will.

One of the things that is drilled into aspiring life guards is that your first priority is your own safety. If you drown or are injured, then you can’t help anyone else and have only made the situation worse. Often, a drowning victim can be in such a panic and physically overwhelming that they end up creating a life threatening situation for themselves and the person attempting to rescue them. You can’t drop your guard. You have to use your head.

What a great nugget from scripture to tuck away for those critical moments in life when panic and fear threaten to create a dangerous situation. Don’t drop your guard. Use your head.

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