The Last Hurrah of Summer

AhhhhhhhI haven’t done much filling in these past few weeks. I’ve been struggling just to get my chapter-a-day post published! Wendy and I left Thursday night to drive down to the lake. This is the final hurrah of summer for us. We’ll return in late October to help the folks winterize the playhouse. This weekend is all about rest, relaxation and fun. The weather is beautiful. We spent a couple of hours yesterday on the boat. During the summer season there are so many boats on the water that it’s too rough to go very fast. Now that there are few people on the lake, the water was smooth and we tooled about fifteen miles up the lake and back. It was a cloudless sky. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool. Perfect.

As for what’s been happening with the V.W.s:

  • It’s Homecoming week for Madison. She has been focused on helping the Junior class win the class competition. She stopped by the other morning to show us her "nerd" costume for "Nerd Day" and was over a couple of times this week getting Wendy’s advice and sewing her indian costume for "Cowboy & Indian Day". She called last night to let us know that the Juniors did prevail! She’s photographer for the yearbook and has been busy taking pictures of various sporting events. She’s also started rehearsals for "Cheaper by the Dozen" for Union Street Players. She has one of the main parts. The show will be the first weekend of December. I had parent/teacher conferences last week and her teachers unanimously love her! 🙂
  • Taylor is having an amazing experience at YWAM. We had a Skype call from her the other night and it was good to see her and hear all about what God is doing. You can follow along on her blog, if you wish.
  • Wendy has been busy with work, chairing the script committee for Union Street Players, and producing "Cheaper by the Dozen." She went to Des Moines this week to visit her friend, Sarah, who was recently in the hospital with a blood clot and is on bed rest with her pregnancy.
  • Work has been busy with projects due, proposals for 2009 to be writtern, performance management, and the on-going task of client development. My part in "Cheaper by the Dozen" is very small (which is fine with me!), but with both Wendy and Madison highly involved I volunteered to design lights for the show.

As you can tell, things have been plenty busy, so this last hurrah at the lake is a much needed break for Wendy and me.

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