Chapter-a-Day Mark 6

Don’t think you need a lot of extra equipment for this. You are the equipment. Mark 6:8 (TM)

When I was a young believer, at the age of 16, I felt God prompting me to share His message with others. I wasn’t sure what that meant or how it exactly worked, but I truly believed God was calling me to do so. Within two months of this prompting, I was asked to give a message at the youth service in my church. A few months later I was asked to travel the state each week with a youth choir to give the message in the middle of the choir’s concerts. That prompted more opportunities for me to share at camps and churches and conferences.

I had no formal theological education. I had no specific training. I was not ordained by a denomination. I was not given lessons. There was no special eqiupment. The truth of the matter was that I entered into a relationship with Jesus and Jesus changed my life. I simply wanted to share that experience with others. I chose to believe that I could do it, that God would equip me with what I needed, and that God would give me opportunity.

I learned in those years not to place limits what God can do through me.

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