Chapter-a-Day Mark 3

Grouponarbel_3 He climbed a mountain and invited those he wanted with him. They climbed together. He settled on twelve, and designated them apostles. The plan was that they would be with him, and he would send them out to proclaim the Word and give them authority to banish demons. Mark 3:13-15 (TM)

For years, I worked for my friend and mentor. The time was drawing nigh for him, not to necessarily retire completely, but to move on to the next leg of his journey. The plan was that he would turn the business over to my co-worker and me when he was ready. A year or so before the transition, he took the two of us to Israel. We went to the top of Mount Arbel above the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee.

We stood on the windy mountain top and looked out over the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and the green fields of northern Israel. This was where Jesus climbed with his disciples. This is where he prayed and chose the twelve and launched the next phase of His ministry.

You get a good perspective of things from the top of a mountain. Everything is stretched out before you. You see the immensity of creation, and you feel so small in the relative scheme of things. It’s a good place for contemplation. It’s a good place to plan. It’s a good place to pray.

We prayed that day for our business, for each other and for the upcoming changes and decisions. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a supernatural moment. There were no epiphanies, no audible messages from God, and no great revelations. There were just three guys from Iowa trying to keep things in perspective and let God lead. I learned that it’s good to climb a mountain to pray once in a while, especially when you need some perspective for the next let of the journey.

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