Out of the Lake & Diving Back In

It was a great weekend at the Lake. We took Madison and her friend Anna down to visit Grandpa and Grandma Vander Well, who have been down there for the past three weeks. It ended up being a nice weekend, weather-wise and the girls were able to soak themselves on the wave runner. We made the requisite trip to B&P Barbeque. Grandpa and Grandma taught us a new game and we played cards together in the evenings.

It was also a momentous occasion as Madison and I got tattoos together. It was surreal kind of rite of passage. More on that later. I have to get pics from Madison and will post more.

We got home late Sunday and I immediately packed to leave for Montana on business in the wee hours of Monday morning. I’m in Billings now and will be back late Wednesday night.

Many people have been asking me about Taylor’s decision. (First, a clarification. I was wrong when I wrote last week that Taylor’s youth pastor called Wendy to say they thought Taylor was supposed to go to the Desperation conference. Actually, Wendy ran into Leah at church and Leah mentioned that the staff had been praying about it and felt the Taylor was supposed to go. I don’t want to misrepresent things.) When we left for the lake she had decided to go to Iowa for one semester and then head to Discipleship Training School in January. She called on Sunday night as I was packing and said that she’d reversed that decision. She came to the realization that she was really called to go in September and was trying to put off what God wanted her to do. So, she plans to go to Colorado Springs in September for YWAM DTS. She’ll have about 12 weeks of full-time classwork followed by 12 weeks on the mission field. She will be back in February and is waiting to see what she should do from there. She now has just a few weeks to raise her support.

How am I doing with this decision? Fine. I’m watching Taylor seek God and make thoughtful life decisions. I think that she is taking the road less traveled and, for her, this is the more difficult path. It would be easy for Taylor to follow the prescribed route and make everyone happy. I can see God’s hand in this. We’re headed to the lake this weekend with Taylor and her boyfriend, Clayton. I’m looking forward to having some intense time of discussion and prayer with both of them.

That’s the latest. Got to get to a meeting!

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