Slowing Down

Playhouse_crittersWhen Wendy and I have travelled to the Playhouse on the lake, it’s always been for a long weekend – at best. While those long weekends are always enjoyable there is always the feeling that you just got unpacked and it’s time to go home. That’s why we’ve been looking forward to this week, when we could spend several days enjoying ourselves on the water.

It’s been raining on and off the past the past few days, so we haven’t gotten out on the lake much. What we have been doing is a whole lot of nothing, and that’s something we don’t experience too often. Yesterday morning we sat on my grandparent’s memorial glider rocker on the deck and watched all the critters around the bird feeder [I took the accompanying photos as I sat there – click on it for a larger image]. We have a young Mallard duck who has been following us for the past few days. He hopped up on the dock Wednesday morning while I was doing my quiet time and sat there about three feet away expecting a hand out. Yesterday he waddled up the yard and stood just feet away from Wendy and me as we sat on the glider looking for more free grub. We’ve dubbed him "Fred" as in "Freddie the Freeloader".

As we sat on the glider, Wendy lay her head against me and began to nap. I had this overwhelming sense that I should be doing something. I consciously told myself that the only thing I had to do was to sit, rest, and enjoy the moment. The sense of needing to get up and get busy eventually passed. I was reminded of a lecture by Dallas Willard in which he talked about rest as a spiritual discipline. I get that. Rest is something I have to work at it. In that sesne, I AM working hard this week 😉

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