Chapter-a-Day 1 Corinthians 5

Isolated_from_the_worldI wrote you in my earlier letter that you shouldn’t make yourselves at home among the sexually promiscuous. I didn’t mean that you should have nothing at all to do with outsiders of that sort. Or with crooks, whether blue or white-collar. Or with spiritual phonies, for that matter. You’d have to leave the world entirely to do that! 1Corinthians 5:9-10 (TM)

There are believers who, in their desire to be holy, subtly advocate separating ourselves from the world. We don’t want to be seen with sinners or be tainted by "bad" people, so we create activities for every interest so we can attend those instead of spending our time with those in the world. We create "Christian" schools, clubs, societies, men’s groups, women’s groups, rock bands, motorcycle gangs, boy scouts, girl scouts, magazines, coffee houses, television programs, movies, and etc.

None of these things are bad,in and of themselves. Nevertheless, if we create our own version of a "Christian" world within the world where we can be completely isolated and insulated from those who need Christ – then we’ll never fulfill Jesus’ call to love the lost and share with them the good news that Jesus loves them. Am I "in the world but not of the world" (as Jesus prayed for us to be) or am I "staying away from the world so as to not be of of the world?"

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and midnight digital.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 1 Corinthians 5”

  1. But I am saying that you shouldn’t act as if everything is just fine when a friend who claims to be a Christian is promiscuous or crooked, is flip with God or rude to friends, gets drunk or becomes greedy and predatory. You can’t just go along with this, treating it as acceptable behavior.
    The last 3-4 years God has made it abundantly clear that I need accountability in my life. I have pursued spiritual, physical and diet accountability. God continues to tell me, “You can’t go through this life alone.” I have appreciated it so much that I desire it for everyone I come in contact with. Relationship develops first and then we are able to hold one another accountable as is described in chapter 5.

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