Chapter-a-Day Exodus 37

Perfumers_artHe also prepared with the art of a perfumer the holy anointing oil and the pure aromatic incense. Exodus 37:29 (TM)

I love to sing, much like I love to speak. However, I’m not a great singer. I’m okay, but it’s definitely not my gift. I’ve sung in choirs and with groups. I wish I had great pipes. I wish I could sing as well as I can do other things, but God didn’t give me a great singing voice. I’ve come to understand that and accept it. It’s one thing to have passion, but not have the skill.

When God wanted the temple built he chose those who were particularly skilled at the things which needed to be done. Bezalel was skilled as a craftsman but also as a perfumer. He was a walking swiss army knife.

It’s a wise thing to know the areas of life in which you have both skill and passion, and the areas where you have passion but not the skill.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and dey.

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