Chapter-a-Day Exodus 19

Moses went down the mountain to the people and prepared them for the holy meeting. Exodus 19:14 (TM)

The idea of preparing to meet God is not isolated to this passage. The liner notes on many of the psalms identify them as "songs of ascent" which were intended to prepare people as they climbed up to meet God in worship at Jerusalem. Heart preparation for worship is a concept that we have, by and large, lost in our culture. Many of us put in our hour or two at church on Sunday morning, but did we do anything to prepare our hearts for "the holy meeting"?

Here is a great opportunity to take our relationship with God to a new level. Perhaps we should look at Saturday as a day of preparation for worship rather than a final day to party before resting for the coming week.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Exodus 19”

  1. This chapter made me think about being prepared to meet God. We Christians think about that quite cavalierly, not really taking it as serious as we should. God gave the Israelites very clear instruction about preparing to meet Him and clear consequences if they didn’t obey. I need to take God more seriously and be prepared to meet Him.

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