Chapter-a-Day Exodus 17

Diary_2 "God said to Moses, ‘Write this up as a reminder to Joshua…’"  Exodus 17:14a (TM)

Joshua was the general and this battle was his first test, but it would certainly not be his last. Not only would Joshua continue to lead the army through the 40 years of wandering, but God knew that he would eventually take Moses’ place and lead the nation in the conquest of Canaan. God wanted to make sure Joshua had a reminder of what God had done to give him strength and courage when he needed it.

Most of us have examples of what God has done for us. Miracles of provision, strength through trials, answered prayers, and incredible blessing are likely a part of your faith journey as they are mine. How will you children, grandchildren and future generations know what God has done? What incredible strength and encouragement we could give them and their faith if we will simply write it down or tape it.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and bdorfman

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