Family Dinner

Table_settingFamily dinner is, more and more, a rarity. Each week we have the girls with us, Wendy and I try to find at least one night during that week for the four of us to sit down at the dining room table together and share a nice meal. Between extra-curriculars, jobs, friends and church activities the girls evenings are usually packed. Wendy and I are, likewise, involved in church, work commitments and community theatre. We are often fortunate to find just one night for family dinner, as we did this past Monday.

Yet, these meals are well worth the conscious effort. Wendy worked overtime to prepare an amazing meal for us Monday night. I took care of putting the garlic-lime chicken she marinated on the grill. Otherwise, she took care of the rest including the homemade rolls. The Ghiradelli chocolate cakes with real whipped cream she made for dessert were better than any dessert I’ve eaten in a restaurant – ever. And, as good as the food was, the fact that we were sitting at one table, sharing a meal together, and having conversation with one another was sweet nourishment for my soul.

Taylor is graduating in a few weeks. We’re actively planning her departure for college in a few months. Both girls will be on the other side of the world on mission trips for a month this summer. These moments to have a meal together, to commune with the girls, to talk and laugh and think and dream – they will become even more rare.

Savor the choice moments.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and TimmyGunz

One thought on “Family Dinner”

  1. I admire you for creating the time for communication, Tom. As my family grows up, I too want to carve out time for communication and bonding. As you and I know, nothing beats good food and friends (or family). God Bless Ya!

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