Chapter-a-Day Exodus 2

Photopile Time passed. Moses grew up. Exodus 2:11a (TM)

Last fall I went through boxes of pictures to put together a slide show for my parents 50th Anniversary. It hit "the high points" of 50 years together, but a few minutes of pictures could not adequately convey the story of how God has worked in our family’s lives in that time span. As I get older, I often think about that. Will my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren know the story of what God has done in and for me? Will they simply be left with a few snapshots and wonder who this person was?

One of the difficult things about reading the Old Testament is that there is so much that is left out of the story. Scripture gives us the high points but there are plenty of gaps. Exodus 2 is a good example. We have Moses being born, being saved, growing up, committing murder, being found out, going "on the lamb", saving Zipporah and her sisters, getting married, having a child, and the subsequent death of Pharaoh…all in 25 verses! Talk about making a long story short!!

While the Cliff Notes version of Moses early life speeds up our reading of Exodus, there is a fascinating story and a myriad of lessons in how God worked throughout each event of Moses life. Sometimes, studying the Old Testament requires "filling in the gaps".

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and astrangegirl.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Exodus 2”

  1. 25 God saw what was going on with Israel.
    God understood.
    Sometimes I forget that God knows everything that is going on. Even when we are facing trials or difficult times, God sees it…yet more importantly understands it. It is comforting to know that we do not walk alone through difficulty.

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