Chapter-a-Day Psalm 49

Heath So don’t be impressed with those who get rich
      and pile up fame and fortune.
   They can’t take it with them;
      fame and fortune all get left behind.
   Just when they think they’ve arrived
      and folks praise them because they’ve made good,
   They enter the family burial plot
      where they’ll never see sunshine again
. Psalm 49:16-19 (TM)

We aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow. There’s no promise of another day, another hour, another breath.

Choose well.

Creative Common photo courtesy of Flickr and Howie Berlin.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 49”

  1. 5-6 So why should I fear in bad times,
    hemmed in by enemy malice,
    Shoved around by bullies,
    demeaned by the arrogant rich?
    Last night in small group we started a discussion on joy. Joy vs. happiness and the difference between the choice for joy vs. the emotion of happiness. Our ultimate joy comes from our knowledge of salvation through Christ. When we face trials and fear as mentioned above we find our ultimate peace from that inner joy. We all agreed that we need to slow down in life to experience this joy.

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