The Creator Doodles

Morning_explosion_lrThe other morning I was on my way to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. It was early and the sun had not yet risen. I turned to my right, looked out the car window, and witnessed one of the most spectacular celestial scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

The rising sun had created a brilliant, fiery pink shaft of light shooting straight up into the air. I don’t know if it was clouds below the horizon that directed the sun’s rays like a giant searchlight, but it took my breath away. I had my camera in the back seat of the car and quickly pulled it out to take this picture.

A minute later, it was gone.

Every once in a while God reminds me that He is Creator and, like all true artists, His creative work is never finished.

The sky is God’s canvas, and each day we get to watch Him doodle.

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