Chapter-a-Day John 17

World_2 I’m not asking that you take them out of the world but that you guard them from the Evil One. John 17:15 (TM)

Wendy and I were recently asked to be part of a script-reading for a playwrite who is producing an original work in our area. It’s an interesting piece. One of the themes in the play is a radical group of right-wing Christians who create their own gated community and who end up trying to manipulate world events to bring about the end times. The portrayal is intended to illustrate that radical Christians are not really all that different than radical Muslims and that the interrogation techniques we now employ on radical muslim terrorists could, under the right circumstances, seem just as easily justified on radical Christians. It’s not comfortable subject matter, especially for those who call themselves conservative evangelicals. For many, this play is simply going to be seen as an attack from the far left, and the author’s political leanings are not in doubt.

While I hate having any label placed on me – it was clear that Wendy and I were the only people in the room to whom "conservative" and "evangelical Christian" would apply. Yet, I don’t regret being there and being part of the discussion that night. In fact, I know and am proud to call almost every person in that room my friend. The company was great. The food was great. The discussion was lively and stimulating – and I’m sure we were able to share my thoughts and a perspective which was different than everyone else in the room.

Jesus was never in favor of separation from the world. He didn’t want the disciples running off into hiding where they could be comfortable isolating themselves. He wanted his followers to impact the world through love and relationship.

You can’t actively love what you’re never around.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and bass_nroll.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day John 17”

  1. The whole chapter 17 struck me today. I have read this in the NIV before, but in the Message I really got a picture of Jesus talking to his father or daddy. What a great picture. The awesome thing is that we can talk to God just like that. We can lift the deepest feelings of our heart and He hears them. That is amazing!

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