Chapter-a-Day Psalm 28

ThanksBlessed be God— he heard me praying. He proved he’s on my side; I’ve thrown my lot in with him. Now I’m jumping for joy, and shouting and singing my thanks to him. Psalm 28:6-7 (TM)

David is like the one leper of ten who, after realizing he’d been healed by Jesus, went back to say thank you. It strikes me how many of his psalms that start in despair end in celebration and thanksgiving.

It prompts me to ask myself if I’m good at thanking God for his specific answers to prayer. I have to admit that, most often, my thanks is more general. I throw up a general "Thank you, God!" to save time and effort. I’m like the child or teenager who never considers all that his parents do for him – who come to expect that gestures of love and provision are entitlements rather than choices.

God, forgive me for my ungratefulness. Lord, how do you love me? Let me count the ways…

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 28”

  1. 2 I’m letting you know what I need,
    calling out for help
    And lifting my arms
    toward your inner sanctum.
    I am guilty of traversing through most of life depending on me. Often I am reminded that I go through each day on auto-pilot and don’t lift many of my needs and requests to God. This is a great reminder that God cares about even the smallest things. It’s OK to lift up the next sales call to God. It’s OK to pray that God will help me be patient with my kids. He is there to listen. Thanks God, that I don’t have to go at it alone.

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