Chapter-a-Day Psalm 22

Nowhere God, God…my God! Why did you dump me miles from nowhere? Psalm 22:1 (TM)

When you read Psalm 21 and Psalm 22 next to each other you begin to wonder if David was manic depressive. He goes from "everything is great and God is blessing me with everything I ask for" to "why did you dump me miles from nowhere?"

I don’t think David was manic. I think he was human, and his Psalms are 3,000 year old blog posts that chronicle the normal ups and downs of human experience. December is a time to reflect back on the previous year and look forward to the next. What one of us can’t look back at the last year and remember both Psalm 21 days and and Psalm 22 days? Who hasn’t praised God one day and then muttered complaints the next?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and Jeff Bauche

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 22”

  1. 30-31 Our children and their children
    will get in on this
    As the word is passed along
    from parent to child.
    Babies not yet conceived
    will hear the good news—
    that God does what he says.
    This responsibility is huge for us. If we don’t do our job teaching and training our kids, how can God’s message continue? This adds a little pressure to an already daunting task of raising kids. Becky and I recently discussed if it was time in family devotions to go deeper with the kids. The Bible stories are good, but it’s time to develop a deeper faith and understanding of how God does what He says. Wow what a task!

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