“Godfather Night” at the Vander Wells

Godfather I feel gross. Perhaps it’s the combination of eating Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, then last night Wendy fixed a fabulous Italian meal for our "Godfather Night". Last summer we realized that a few of our friends had never seen The Godfather (yes, I know – sinful!). Of course, Wendy and I are always looking for an excuse to have a dinner party – so last night we put out a huge spread with Italian chicken, spaghetti with both italian sausage red sauce and garlic white sauce, homemade Italian bread, garlic bread, salad, and plenty of wine. Then for dessert Wendy made – for the first time – cannoli that was out of this world which went along with the leftover chocolate cheesecake and peanut butter chunk cheesecake she made last week. (Lord, and I wonder why I’ve gained weight since we got married!)

I hadn’t watched The Godfather in a long time. I believe that one of the tests of a great movie is that you can watch it over and over again and each time you see more layers of detail and depth. Instead of getting bored with it your appreciation grows. So it was with me last night. I noticed a few small details that I’d never caught in the bazillion times I’ve watched the film. What an amazing piece of cinema.

It’s also interesting to watch the film with people who’ve never seen it. I’ve come to know the story line so well that I forget how confusing all the characters can be for a person watching it for the first time. Nevertheless, it’s kind of fun watching with someone who’s looking at it with fresh eyes.

So the question is will we make our friends an offer they can’t refuse and have a "Godfather II" night? I think I need to lose about ten pounds first 🙂

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