Chapter-a-Day Proverbs 12

The one who stays on the job has food on the table; the witless chase whims and fancies
. Proverbs 12:11 (TM)

I have known many people who chase "whims and fancies". There’s the gal who spends money and energy moving from one fad diet after another believing that "this is it". There’s the guy who will invest in one "get rich quick" scheme after another believing the infomercial promises of vast wealth in no time with no work involved. Or, there’s the guy who spends more time at work scheming how to sue his employer from millions than actually doing the job for which he’s getting paid.
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Those who are content to work hard, stay on task, and prove themselves responsible will find themselves rewarded in more ways than one.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and asullens

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Proverbs 12”

  1. My wife would likely say that my largest fault is a quick temper. While it has improved greatly since our kids were born, I still struggle to manage it at times. Proverbs 12 tells me that “fools have short fuses and explode all too quickly”. That’s humbling.
    Also, as a salesperson, I always find joy when opportunities present where I can share my vast knowledge about anything. Yet again, God through Solomon hits me where it hurts. “Prudent people don’t flaunt their knowledge; talkative fools broadcast their silliness. I need to listen more than I talk.

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