Chapter-a-Day I John 4

LoveWe, though, are going to love—love and be loved. First we were loved, now we love. He loved us first.
I John 4:19 (TM)

Sometimes God’s Message gains depth as we understand the writer and the context in which he wrote. You’ll notice in reading the letters of John that the them is overwhelmingly love. It was the overwhelming theme of John’s life and ministry. John was the only one of the twelve disciples to live to old age. Church history tells us that John would be carried around on a stretcher by members of the church. It got to the point that the only words John would ever say is, "Little children, love one another" over and over and over.

This from a man who had been dubbed by Jesus as one of the "Sons of Thunder" for his fiery temper. This from the disciple who suggested Jesus call down fire from heaven and burn up a town when they wouldn’t welcome Him. This from the disciple whose mother tried to worm her way to getting seats of honor for John and his brother in heaven, creating hard feelings and contention among the disciples.

John’s letters give us a clear picture of a man who had grown, learned, and changed – a man who had been transformed by the love of Jesus that he saw, touched, and experienced.

Will my friends and family say of me, that the longer I lived the better I loved?

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Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and keep love in your heart

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