Chapter-a-Day I John 1

From the very first day, we were there, taking it all in—we heard it
with our own ears, saw it with our own eyes, verified it with our own
hands. The Word of Life appeared right before our eyes; we saw it
I John 1:1 (TM)

Wendy was commenting the other day about a new campaign of commercials in which women who’ve had an abortion speak about their experience. What makes the spots so powerful is that they are testimony of the actual consequences of abortion in a real woman’s life. You might disagree with her views on the subject, but you can’t deny her experience or how it affected her.

That’s why Jesus calls us to be "witnesses" – not bullies, not debaters, not pundits, not marketers, not spokesmen, not press secretaries. We are called to give witness, and that’s just what John did: "You can say what you want, but I was there. I touched Jesus. I saw Jesus. I was there when he raised Lazarus from the dead. I was there when he walked on water. I saw him die on a cross. I saw him risen from the dead. He is the real deal. I’m staking my life on it."

Last Easter our church did a video montage of people from from our church who wrote one word or phrase on a placard describing their lives before Christ and a word or phrase on the other describing their lives after Christ. As the video went on, people wordlessly showed the before side and then turned the placards over to reveal the after. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the church.

Personal testimony is the most powerful case for Christ there is.

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Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and gimmebass

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