Word of the Day: Pontificate

is my word for the day. Wendy used it last night and all of a sudden my brain and my mouth are having fun saying it. It rolls off the tongue in three glorious syllables filled with edgy consonants.

Wendy’s use of the word came on the way home from church. She asked the question, "Why do church leaders always feel the need to pontificate?"

It’s another reason we’re such a good match for each other. We think alike in so many ways. If we’re having an organizational meeting, then let’s organize. We don’t need a ten minute devotional thought on the Apostle Paul’s admonishment to do things decently and in order. If we’re getting together to make a decision on the building project we don’t need a mini-book study of Nehemiah. It’s especially unappreciated when the mini-sermon was, itself, hastily organized and thrown together. Then it’s more aggravating because they are obviously doing it out of some sense of obligation, not because they have something on their heart they really want to say. Seriously, I won’t think less of you as a member of the church staff if you skip the homily.

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