Chapter-a-Day Ezekiel 34

"‘God, the Master, says: From now on, I myself am the shepherd. I’m
going looking for them. As shepherds go after their flocks when they
get scattered, I’m going after my sheep
." Ezekiel 34:11 (TM)

One of the awesome things about reading the Old Testament is seeing how God laid the way for what would happen hundreds of years later when he sent his son, Jesus. Here in chapter 34 of Ezekiel, God speaks of the "shepherds" of Israel who didn’t do their job – ending in disastrous results. As God so often does in history (as well as our own lives) He steps into the gap to provide what we can’t find within ourselves. God sends "The Good Shepherd" to come after us – the lost sheep.

"I once was lost, but now I’m found…"

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