Chapter-a-Day Ezekiel 26

Huge acts of vengeance, massive punishments! Ezekiel 25:17a (TM)

One of the difficult parts of reading the Old Testament prophets is the constant, never-ending stream of God’s judgment. It gets so repetitious, God warning his people that they’ve messed up and better straighten up or there will be consequences. Chapter after chapter after chapter.

I was thinking about that this morning and kind of groaning about it, until I realized…

How often do I…

  • tell Madison to turn off her bedroom lights?
  • tell Taylor to make sure the toilet isn’t running?
  • tell the girls to pick up the steps?
  • tell the girls to check their box?
  • remind the girls to do their chores well?

When I read Ezekiel and the prophets, I’m hearing our Heavenly Father talking to His children – and every parent knows that raising children means repeating yourself…constantly.

God, help me listen – the first time.

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