Chapter-a-Day Ezekiel 1

"When I saw all this, I fell to my knees, my face to the ground. Then I heard a voice." Ezekiel 1:28 (TM)

I remember many things my father taught me, but most of them came during those "teachable" moments of life. Often, it was because I’d been caught red-handed at something or had blown it in one way or another. It was during those times that Dad had my attention and my spirit was open.

It’s really not any different with my Heavenly Father. It’s when I find myself on "my knees, my face to the ground" that I hear His voice. When I’m on the go there are too many things happening to get my attention – too many things to think about. There are too many voices competing for my ears. Plus, I don’t always hear so well.

The thing is – those teachable moments shouldn’t only occur when I’m caught red-handed or have blown it. Taking time to quiet myself, get on my knees, and listen can be a daily experience in good times and bad. I’m working on that.

God, grant me the discipline to rest.

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